среда, 27 января 2010 г.

конфета от Scrappekammeret

The great candy is given here on February 5th.

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  1. Ofcourse you can join :) Good luck!:)

  2. Hello...the statue is nice now, im very happy for white tings, but i have lots of dark interior too. I have lots of projects going on....My nearest neighbour is from Moldova, she is very kind and is a great artist, she pants pictures soo lovely..Hugs..

  3. Thanks for joining, wish you a great week!!! Scrappekammert, the host of trhis RAK, is a new norwegian challenge blog. Our first challenge will be out February 5th. We are so exceited :-)

    Kind regards,
    Guro on behalf of Scrappekammeret

  4. Minka you is a creative person too )) Thanks for visit into my blog )))

  5. Great prizes!

    thanks for telling us.


    barbara jean

  6. Hei, Barbara, they are not prizes yet... I wish they were so but a lot of people want the same ))) This is a blog candy and the winner is known on Feb.5th only. All must be patient but Only one can be a lucky winner then ))) That's so...